I’ve been meaning to write this piece for almost 2 months now and just never make the time to do so. Our trip to Arizona has came and went and I wanted to share the fun that we had on it because it truly was amazing!

We started off driving through Las Vegas making a quick stop at the Seven Magic Mountains‘. Actually we stopped in Barstow to buy breakfast, use the restrooms and I fed Jacob while there. We also made a 2nd stop in Primm (Stateline) again to use the restroom, gas up and once again feed Jacob. Then it was a very short drive to the Seven Magic Mountains.

I seriously need to practice taking better selfies.

It was pretty cool, quick stop to once again stretch our feet and allow all the kids to run around. We took several pictures there. The kids really liked looking at all the humongous bright colored rocks. They enjoyed playing in the dirt/rocks. It was worth the stop in my opinion. There was a lot of people there but there was plenty of parking. We only spent about 30 minutes here but it was more than enough time. Then we were off to see the Hoover Dam, or so we thought.

7 magic mountains 37 magic mountains 57 magic mountians 6

Click the link to learn more about the Seven Magic Mountains which will be on display for approximately 2 years from May 11, 2016.