Leave it to family to always criticize you. Why is that? Why do we feel the right to judge our own family? We gather for a special celebration/event/holiday and we just put each other down. Is this normal in all families?? I wonder?

Everyone just makes a foochie face at everything I say. Everything I say is dumb, a joke or ridiculous in there eyes. Example: I mentioned I want to be cremated. We were speaking of funerals since there was a death in the family and the viewing/rosary was tonight. My aunt that passed away wanted a closed coffin as she didn’t want everyone to see her that way. My sister of course threw in her opinion, “that’s ridiculous and why can’t we see her?!” Which I replied, ‘if that was part of her final wishes you honor them. WTH is it to you!! It upsets you because you want to be nosy and see what she looks like?’ To which she replied, “un no.” Yea right!! 

So that’s when I mentioned being cremated and got huge ‘what!!’ For everyone. My mom asked, “So you want to burn in life and in the afterlife?” Really mother?!? So I’m going to hell cause it’s against our religion to be cremated. Oh wait, it’s ok now but the urn must be buried. Well I don’t want to be. I want to be divided into 5 urns and one given to each of my children. Oh they about had a fit. Again… What’s it to you!???? 

Have a rosary and burial in the same day is now something we are beginning to see again. My mom mentioned she wanted that and a closed casket. Oh again my sister had a fit. “What do you mean?? No your crazy!” No she’s not. She wants what she wants respect it. Just like I’m sure my sister wants or doesn’t want certain things when she dies. We would need to respect her wishes. But apparently this whole everything in one day is a joke to some people because that’s not the way things are supposed to be. Really!?! So there is a right and wrong as to how to plan your funeral. Get the heck out of here!!! Everyone should take a chill pill and do what the dead desired and final wishes. It ain’t going to hurt you. Just deal with it!! 

Moving on, there was also critizum of my professional choices, child rearing, husbands job, and living situation. Oh how I enjoyed my Easter. Well parts of it. 

Any tales you want to share of when your family has criticized you??