So recently my husband told me that there was rumors going around his work that the company may relocate to Nevada, near Las Vegas. huh. Apparently they feel that the rent in Orange County is overpriced and there is no value for the amount of footage they get. Geez, I could not agree more. Last Friday the company CEO was in town to meet with the guys here and hold a meeting. Luis said he confirmed that they are relocating after the summer but didn’t 100% percent say Luis would have a position in the new place. He did however ask him if he was wanting to work for the contractor that holds an office in the building and my husband replied no. After which the CEO smiled and nodded.

WTH?! So does that mean that maybe he will ask Luis to move? Well, we have been talking about it unofficially ever since he 1st heard the rumor. I’ve slowly been wrapping my head around the idea. 13 years ago, when we were first married and had been to Vegas a couple times we spoke about how much cheaper houses out there were, etc. etc. However the heat, holy heck, no thank you! The dry desert heat is still an issue but the houses continue to be reasonable in price. I mean compared to here in the OC, you get a nice home for 1/3 of the price.

So, New Mexico or Nevada? Looks like Nevada may beat out since Luis will (possibly) have a job already in Nevada. It’s also only about a 4 hour drive from all of our family so we are far enough to have an excuse to not come around for everything but close enough to come for what matters.

In the meantime I have schools, neighborhoods, stores and family friendly things to research.