Wow, every day this week I have been trying to declutter our living space. It is hard work, I get all hot and sweaty constantly bending and lifting and moving things. Ugh.

I’ve defiantly been in the mode to clean and organize. Ever since our garage sale I’ve been looking in all nooks and crannies and seeing what can be re-organized and thrown out, sold, or donated. I’ve started to fill some storage containers with items that can be sold at the next garage sale first weekend in June. I feel like that is forever to wait with this stuff in my patio but I want to try and sell this stuff first. If items don’t sell I plan toΒ donate them. There is no limits on what I’m taking out, adult/kids clothes, shoes, movies, toys, books, you name it.

Yesterday I organized my kitchen utensil drawer and took out some items that don’t get used at all. I feel like I’m still going to have to go through it again because there was some items I held onto that I may be able to get rid of too. Some glass storage containers, some pans, and some baking pans/molds. Yes, way more cleaning to be done there. Actually, I feel like I’m going to have to go through things a couple times. Hopefully that after the 2nd and or 3rd time I’ve really cut down on the clutter.

Then there is my storage room. Jesus, where to being with that. Half the room has camping gear and the other half has party supplies, party decor and random shit everywhere. I’ve decided that I’m going to be selling all my party decor, chaffier sets, bowls, plates, etc. that I use for gatherings/parties because I don’t plan to have any more elaborate parties. I’m so over the waste of money. I could have much smaller scale parties and still accomplish the lasting memories and actually enjoy the party myself. (More on that later.)

So, why the allofasudden need to minimize? Well for one if we do end up becoming nomads and living in an RV, there won’t be too much space to transfer everything into the RV. Mainly, I feel like over the years we have been so exaggerated in what we buy and keep that it’s taken over our lives. We have so much stuff. We have fallen into that all around, buy everything consumer. I’m sure most of the stuff we could do without just fine. I want my life to be simple and I feel like having all this stuff is justΒ adding to the ‘complicated’ part of life. I want my life to be simple, light, fun and enjoyable. Is it really that unrealistic? Typing this out makes me feel like it is. Like I’m just living in the clouds, in la la land. (not the movie, which i didn’t enjoy btw.) But why does it have to be that way, I mean why can’t I have a simple, light, fun and enjoyable life? Why can’t I be a minimalist and be happy and have everything I need?! Well, I seem to be pretty determined in proving that I can.

Stay tuned, back to decluttering!