Woohoo! I just booked a quick getaway to Flagstaff, Az.

Yea, who gets me? I complain about being tight budget and here I go spending money on a VACATION?!? Well, it actually is a house on AirBnB and I’m splitting the cost with my brother and his family and since it has a kitchen we will be preparing food ourselves to help minimize the costs. It’s been a long time since we had a “Vacation” that I can’t even remember if it was the Mexico trip or the Vegas trip we went on last. I really don’t consider Camping to be a ‘vacation’ since it’s too close to home and it’s more work than not. This trip we get to leave the state. πŸ™‚


So in a previous blog I mentioned that we wanted to take a road trip to New Mexico. The drive would start off going through Vegas and stopping at Hoover Dam then on to Kingsman, AZ, Williams, Az, the Grand Canyon and then Flagstaff before heading to New Mexico. Since now we will be taking this trip, it will cover that part and we can go on straight to the 4 corners and into New Mexico. Only stopping for potty breaks.


Grand Canyon – South Rim


Sedona, Az

Any who, now I have to really research what to do in Flagstaff, Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I’ve already got an idea but now it’s all about organization. Planning an itinerary. My favorite thing to do, no doubt. Lists of meals, clothing/items needed, places to go, things to do. Yup! Time to get to work!! This will be a nice distraction!


Picture Credit forΒ Featured Picture:Β http://www.thecanyon.com/maps