I look around my room and I think, this is it?!? Is this really where I’m ending up? I’m 34 years old and I should have accomplished more by now. My mothers words from the other day continue to haunt me, as they usually do for a long time.

My goals are to homeschool my kids. To purchase a Travel Trailer/RV and travel the United States, Canada and Mexico in it. (I do not fear going into Mexico, I’ve been doing much research, I have family in Mexico and I’ve spoke to hundreds of people that have been and continue to travel within Mexico as well as live in different parts of it.) Moving on…Actually I think that pretty much is it. I mean besides my kids being healthy, thriving and happy. Oh wait, and to happy a successful blog of course.

I used to want a house, nice cars, the ability to make lots of money, lots of clothes/shoes and other stuff. Now, my ideal future houses us all in a very tight space parked in the mountains, with snow on the floors in the winter or green grass in the summer. My kids playing and running around OUTDOORS! Sitting around fire pits and being more than content.

I only continue to dream as I continue to lust over Toy Haulers and Travel Trailers online. As I watch YouTube videos of families currently doing exactly what I want to do. As I search the internet for remote jobs and type up my resume. I can only continue to dream.

But it will happen. I have to have faith that it will. I’m putting it out there because “Confession leads to Obsession!” (~Tonya Poe) I’m putting it out there because I need to hold myself accountable to achieving these goals. I have always felt there was something missing. I was meant for more. I have a very strong feeling that this is my more! Yes! I will accomplish this for sure!!