Yes I caught the bug. I fell into the LulaRoe (LLR) trap and BOUGHT ALL THE LEGGINGS!!

I enormously without a doubt regret it. I regret purchasing a product that was not worth the money I spent. Ohmygosh, the amount of money that I have spent since first discovering LLR and making my first purchase back in December 2016. It’s unforgivable. I can think of hundreds of things I could have used that money for that would have been way better purchases. Ex: Universal Studios Annual Passes for all of us. Heck that would have practically paid for Disneyland Annual passes. WTF! Thinking about it just pisses me off more.

However I do understand that it is no ones fault other than my own. No one forced me to make these purchases. I’m not blaming anyone but my self here EXCEPT the fact that I trusted the consultants when they said they were selling a good quality product. That LLR leads them to believe they are selling a good quality product. Comparing it to department stores/designer labels!?! Not even close.

I drank the juice. Yes I loved the oh so buttery soft leggings. Some of the pretty cool prints.Watching a live feed, seeing the pretty printed leggings on the screen of my iPhone and then a number pop up. Having my Sold pre-typed and then adding the number, hitting ‘post’ and then hearing, SOLD TO CINDY! AAAWOOOHOOOO!! It’s like hitting the lottery. Oh yea, they surely have that shit figured out. Make them feel like they’re winning the lottery, like if they accomplished something epic. Keeps them coming back for more! Let’s limit the number of each print so that they are Hard to Find (HTF) and then it encourages them to purchase at first sight. Gives them a sense of I SCORED a HTF woohoo!(However I don’t believe that this is coming from the consultants and they may not be told this in trainings or by their uplines in those exact words, but this is what’s happening. They know how people work and the release of endorphins and feeling that you get when you make that purchase keeps you coming back for more.)

Throw in the sucker that I am, I fit right in to that customer. Yes, I have an addictive personalty when it comes to collections. Lets see, in my history I have been know to go over board with: Cloth Diapers (HTF prints), Camera accessories, DVD’s, purses, wallets, shoes, kitchen gadgets, mason jars, party supplies, and baking supplies. There may possibly be more but I don’t want to sit here all day thinking of what else. AGAIN, I recognize that it is my fault!

So, pretty much in the months following my first purchase and several hundred dollars later I own 38 leggings (1 pair of solid black which has become the ultimate unicorn but I refuse to wear them for fear of fading at washing), 3 Amelias, 5 Irmas (2 of which are solid black, jealous?), 3 Classic T’s, 4 Perfect T’s, 2 Randy’s, 1 Lucy, 1 Monroe, and 2 Sarah’s and 1 Joy. Not to mention the leggings I purchased for both my girls. (Jesus christ, that’s a lot of money, SERIOUSLY…WTF was I thinking!!!) I won’t bother totaling it because well, I already know what a mistake that was and I haven’t made a purchased in close to a month. I’M SO OVER IT!!

Here are the reasons I will never make another LLR purchase.

Price – LLR items are well over priced for the quality of the items. (Conterary to what the consultant tells you, they are not better quality than ‘department store items.’) Therefore the retail price is well beyond the value. Ok, ok, maybe some material is better quality than others, like some of my Perfect T’s and my Amelia’s are pretty decent. HOWEVER, I still say $33 for a ‘Tee Shirt’ is over priced. I could go to Marshalls or Ross and get something similar for half the price. Designer label even.

Quality – This ‘don’t put in the dryer or you’ll be sad’ warning is crap! For me to appreciate the product it’s got to pass the mommy test. Be comfy (which I’ll admit their items are pretty comfy) and not be a hassle to clean, requiring all kinds of ‘special instructions.’ I don’t have time for that. I did however wash these items on Delicate with Woodlite and they have as you can see, faded and have snags. Seriously?!? Oh, let’s also not forget to mention the pair of leggings that in addition to the fading very mysteriously got about 15 holes. (Of course I sewed them because I’m still wearing these $25 leggings!!)

Sizing – Jeez, you are forced to ‘guess’ which size you are. With the help of the lovely consultants and all the LLR addicts, you compare your size and builded and rely on what sizes they recommend. Then you receive the items and they STILL don’t fit right. Not all pieces are created equal. All they’re items are made in different countries and they’re sizing is all different. Even made in the same country, the sizing is different. I own enough pieces to know this. It sucks not being able to try something out before you buy it. Then if it doesn’t fit, some consultants make it very hard for you to return and it will cost you more money to do so.

Re-sale – You want that Castle print? How about the ‘Digital Roses’ or maybe Paisleys with the cream background??! You can hunt hours on end, pay someone a ‘finders fee’ to do it for you, join about 300 FB groups and hope that a consultant is hoarding them but then you probably still only find them for about $60 to $120 in a BST group (Buy, Sell, Trade) or on eBay. But that’s because people are willing to pay the prices to have these limited prints. It’s addicting, I’ll admit it. However, I am strong enough to NOT over pay for leggings, again. ESPECIALLY now that I see so many of the ones I do own fading. (YES! I do own the ‘Digital Roses’ (paid retail) and the ‘Castle Leggings’ that I did paid $33 in a BST group ONE TIME so I HAVE paid over retail. They came to me smelling like 3 packs of cigarettes had been blown directly on them. I won’t ever make that mistake again! Guaranteed!!)

Let’s not even get into the MLM thing. Well, maybe a little. The fact that the consultant needs to purchase a required amount of merchandised (believe it’s 33) every month is ridiculous. What if you can’t sell them?! It seems the company used to purchase the items back but now they no longer do this. The fact that if you really want to be ‘successful’ you have to build a team. Consultants under you that also are active and selling so that eventually you have a big enough team that you make money off their sales. Don’t get me wrong, there is the potential to make money. Just like so many other MLM. However it still is an MLM and at the end of the day, you do not own the business. You do not own stock and you cannot will the business to your children to take over one day. Well at least this is what I’ve gathered from 2 consultants that I’ve asked specifics on. (Granted they had to ask their uplines or whoever because they didn’t know either. They didn’t even ever think about that. The future.) I feel that if you like playing dress up, want to make some spare income, have about $7,000 – $10,000 to invest, and then re-invest and you have the patience to wait the time it will take to make your initial investment back and some profit. If you have a spare room in your house, then maybe this is something for you. HOWEVER, be honest with your customers. Most of your products are in fact, not good quality.

Here is a link to a clip where John Oliver explains MLM companies. Pretty accurate.

I don’t appreciate being duped, being told that I was getting what I was paying for, a good quality product. I hate that I allowed myself to be suckered in. I can’t really think of anything I’ve done in my life that I regret in my 34 years of life, however this, this is probably my one and only regret in life. A very fucking expensive one. A huge mistake that I can only blame myself for, I can recognize this.

Beware ladies, proceed with caution and at your own risk. This has been my experience and in no way am I saying it will be anyone else’s but I felt the need to share MY experience because I wouldn’t want someone else to go through something similar with this or any other product.

MY PICTURES CONTAIN NO/NONE/NADA/ZERO FILTERS! I took them in as much natural light as possible to show exactly what I was talking about. Also, this post took forever. Several days in the making. Wowza.