For a long while I’ve contemplated weather or not to post pictures of my children on social media. I used to, a long time ago, post pictures of my older two kids on Facebook. However, I started seeing way too many stories of people sealing pictures, mainly perverts. Β I would see friends screenshot your pictures to show non-friends. I’ve seen people share their friends pictures so that people you don’t know see them. So that led me to stop posting pictures of them on Facebook.

Then came Instagram. I do post pictures of my kids on my personal Instagram page which is private but I haven’t posted clear pictures of them on my @GonzoIndulgences Instagram account. If you look, there is pictures of them on my blog. I actually feel a bit of anxiety doing that. I feel anxiety thinking of posting pictures of my kids on my public @GonzoIndulgences Instagram account. I see so many bloggers post pictures of their kids on Instagram and I wonder if I should do so as well.

I enjoy seeing others cute little kiddos, doing cute things, wearing cute clothes, in front of the cutest backgrounds. LOL Seriously tho, I really do. So why not right?! Ugh, wait one second… I’m starting to feel major anxiety again. DEEP BREATHS, DEEP BREATHS. SLLOWW DOWN HEART RATE!!

Well, maybe for now I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and re-vist this later. Yes, that sounds good. Breathe.

I’m a Virgo (well I used to be before they came out with this new sign but I still consider myself very much a Virgo) and I’m very possessive of what belongs to me. I tend to hold on tight to my things. This includes my children. I don’t like them spending the night at other peoples homes, I don’t like them going places if I’m not there. I don’t go out without them, hardly ever. I’ve always been this way. However I will admit I’ve loosened up over the years but it’s still hard for me. I get anxiety knowing that I’m not with them and my mind goes crazy imagining things that could happen. I seriously need to stop! They’re going to be ok. I’m going to be ok.

Positive vibes/thoughts! Rainbows, Sunshine and Unicorn Poops!