Yesterday was a pretty normal Thursday. Feed baby, kids drove me nuts, feed kids, feed baby, do laundry, feed baby, kids trash house, feed baby, make dinner, feed baby, kids whined, feed baby, older kids came home, feed baby, kids played in jumper outside, feed baby, eat late lunch, BANG-BOOM! Bullet came in through the roof. HOLY SHIT!!!!


I was sitting at the table eating, baby Jacob was in his swing a foot away and the older 4 kids were just outside the sliding door playing in our jumper. Right in front of our television, right between the chaise lounger of our sofa and the ottoman, 8ish feet above came through the 2 layers and about 6 inches of insulation of our manufactured enclosed patio came a bullet. The cop guess it was probably a 9mm bullet. Completely in tacked. This same spot is where my children are constantly laying on the floor, sitting, and/or walking by. A place Issac is usually playing with his cars/trains. A spot where Emma dances every time she hears Shimmer & Shine’s Theme song come on. Where I stretch outΒ my legs across to rest on the ottoman. Yes, this place is where the bullet came in at full velocity.

I asked the officer a question I already knew the answer to but for some reason I still asked it. “If someone, one of my kids, me, anyone would have been in this spot….??” I couldn’t bring myself to say anything else but he knew what I meant. His reply, “You just never know.” As he shrugged and gave me a look of: Yes, someone could have been killed. I fought hard not to cry hysterically in front of him, Louis and the kids. Something could have happened to one of my kids. Even now I’m fighting back tears.

Some douche bag somewhere, could have been several blocks away thought ‘hey, let me shoot bullets from my gun in the air!!’ HA HA HA. NO MUTHERFUKKKERRRRR!! NOT FUNNY!! Someone could have been killed or seriously injured. One of my children, myself, my husband. One of my nieces or nephews who are constantly over and playing/watching TV in this exact spot! You SUN OF A BEEEOOOTTCHHH!! Why must people not think?!?!? Not use common sense?!?! I can’t believe the idiocy of some. The complete disregard for consequences. FFOOOCCKKK UUUUU!!!


I sit here typing and I cannot help but think, holy hell is there really a God?! (I’m not going to go into the ‘well then why was there an opportunity for something bad to happen’ only cause that would just keep me going and I’m tired and drained.) I will say, if this wasn’t some type of miracle?! A miracle no one was hurt. A miracle that the bullet didn’t land 15ish feet south were my kids were outside and playing. A miracle. Karma.


Hey dick head!! KARMA IS A BITCH AND SHE’LL COME AND GET YOU, and she is real patient too.Β When you do bad things, you create a negativity and that will come back at you.

I needed to vent and get this anger out that I’m feeling because it’s also negative and that will consumeΒ me. You are no longer worth any of my energy.

My Family

We deserve to be safe in our home.