The older I get the more I realize how much I’m changing/evolving. It’s crazy how much my tastes, likes, wants, needs have changed over the years. I think overall my core is the same but I’ve experienced and learned so much over the years it’s crazy how much.

Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a mother, a wife and to have this huge family. The thought of having children and then one day grandchildren running around would make my heart smile. However, I feel maybe I got married too young. I mean I was a tender  20 years old. 🙊 That maybe I should have waited just a bit longer, at least 25. Experienced the world more. Learned what I wanted from myself and out of this world. I knew I wanted to travel but how, where and when. I guess a lot of people feel similar in a way right. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. 😒

Well now it’s just time to make changes so that my near future and far future self is in a better place and am happier with my decisions. I wish I would have been exposed to more growing up. Heck maybe I would be living in the woods in Colorado, or in Michoacan, Mexico. Maybe I would have homeschooled my kids since day one. Maybe I would have continued and stuck with the blog I began back in 2008. Jeezzzus, it’s depressing. Moving on >>> So now do I have the ability to do this?? Do I have the ability, desire and motivation to actually make a change?!? Guess we’ll have to keep trucking along to find out. 🚐💨

Step ONE: Travel/Camp and have more outings! So far this winter season we’ve gone to the snow twice and are planning to go again maybe this weekend. ☃️❄️ However I for once in my life am itching for warmer weather so that we can just drive somewhere into the mountains to camp. ☀️🏕  I have seen so many places where we can camp in the last month while researching where we can play in the snow. Thanks Google, you really are amazing! 😳 We already own everything we need, tent, sleeping bags, camping stove, and portable shitter. 💩  I’m excited for the possibilities.

I’ve also been exposed in the last 6-8 months to families who permanently live on the road in their RV/Travel Trailers. Life Schooling their children along the way. Families who have relocated to Mexico and are raising their children there. All this intrigues me so. Homeschooling for one has become one of my top priorities and goals for our family in the next year. Being able to do so while also traveling?!? Well shucks, that’s just the icing on the cake. Ten years ago I would have never even thought about this. Homeschooling??! Traveling/Nomad Families?!!? Say What!! 😱

I want my children to be exposed to everything. Again, I feel like I was sheltered growing up and I don’t want that for them. Something just as simple as experiencing different weather, all four seasons, and cursing as they help dig our car out of the 10 tons of snow shit packed on top of it.

Yes, lets begin here.