I’ve always wanted to move to another state. Of course in a perfect world I would live in Manhattan, however this isn’t a perfect world and I’m too poor to live in Manhattan unless I wanted to live in a shoe box sized apartment with 7 people. Guess I’ll wait until I win the lottery. Fingers crossed!!

(Why won’t Jacob or Emma fall asleep?!? Ugh, some nights they just are so much harder to go to sleep and I’m like, PUULLEZZZZZEEE GOOOO TOOOOOO SSSLLLEEEEPPPPPP!πŸ˜­πŸ˜΄πŸ’€)

Another place I used to want to move to is Seattle/Portland. The thought of all that greenery and cooler weather is so appealing to me. It rains so much of the year but it isn’t storms like rain its just a mild drizzle apparently. My younger brother is actually trying to get a job in Seattle, he would love to move up there. However the thought of being so far north kinda scares me for 2 reasons. #1 Global Warming, waters rising,🌊 under water, freezing over. ❄️ Yea, no thanks. #2 Too far from the southern boarder. If I need to make a quick getaway, I got a lot of land to cover before hitting MexicoπŸ‡²πŸ‡½. Yea, that’s not going to work either. hahaha

My older brother brought up New Mexico a while ago and I’ve more recently began looking at that possibility a lot closer. He however wants something south, again for a quick getaway in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse. I would prefer something in the North, hello cooler weather, snow??! It’s not as far north as Seattle, only about 5 hours until I hit a taco stand on the other side of a wall. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ™„

I’m planning a major road trip πŸš™ to go through Arizona in order to get to New Mexico. Visiting Grand Canyon, Bedrock City (Did you know there is a Bedrock City in Arizona that has recreated the Flintstones houses?? It’s a Campground too. Pretty cool.) Flagstaff,Β Four Corners (The meeting of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona Boarders), Farmington, Taos, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, El Paso, Phoenix, Tucson, and Lake Havasu. This road trip will allow us to drive from North New Mexico to the south and get a better feel as to what the state is like.

My husband has also looked at jobs, I’ve looked at rentals/homes and were getting a good idea thanks to google maps. I’ve looked to see what stores are in what cities and to tell you the truth, the don’t have the same stores we are used to in all of New Mexico unless your in the Albuquerque area or unless your close to the El Paso, TX area. That’s going to be a bit of Β a shock I think. Not having the stores we are used to, the theater, food joints, and just hang out places that we are used to. The properties tend to have more land, there tends to be way more open spaces in the cities and defiantly in the surrounding areas. We wouldn’t be literally feet from our neighbors like in our current over crowded city.

Well, we have just been thinking, even if we take the steps to make such move it wouldn’t be next week it would take several months to finally make the move. Moving away from family also kinda makes me sad but happy at the same time. LOL No really, I would miss everyone, especially my nieces and nephews left behind and my parents. (Although there is a good chance my dad would want to move out there, well maybe not cause there is a lot of dirt outside and he would hate that. He’s a clean freak.πŸ™ˆ) Most of southern New Mexico is a lot of dirt, yea guess cause it’s desert. 😏

Well, I can only plan and hope that it would be a great option to raise a family and that would could find employment and somewhere to live that we could have a decent, fun, full life.