I’m sitting here on my bed, laptop on my lap and bassinet next to the bed at arms reach with a fussy 3 mo old who refuses to fall asleep and is just blowing bubbles since he learned to do this today. Why, oh why won’t you go to sleep Jacob?? I actually consider myself lucky because he isn’t crying or being too fussy. He just refuses to go to sleep and he began with a mild cough today. I swear these last 2 months, since right before Thanksgiving have been annoying with the kids getting sick off and on. Weather is random being hot one day then cold the next and then raining. Plus throw in other people with germs being spread. Ugh. Hate being sick and I’m sure my kiddos don’t enjoy it either.

I’m not looking forward to the night ahead of me. Will I get any actual sleep?!? I guess I could use the time to plan my boys birthday party for this weekend. Well, small gathering that we’ll be having to celebrate Issac’s 4th and Matt’s 11th birthdays. I just have to go pick up some dollar store decorations and a container of mayo for the potato salad. Ha. I’m so over the large all out, spend every penny and hours and hours of decoration preparations. I’ve done so many of those parties. Now I just want to have something low key and use dollar store decorations. Who knows if by the girls birthdays in September I’ll still feel the same way or if I’ll go back to going all out, but for now dollar store it is.

CRAP! Β Jacob just puked in the bassinet! So it’s going to be one of those nights. Gotcha! Now to change the sheets and blankets. Louis, you have more laundry to do. jajaja

Wish me luck! Peace out!