Holidays are always something special. I mean like, they’re always like a big bucket of crap constantly getting stirred. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holidays and everything (mostly) about them but at the same time they are bullsh*t! Presents, gatherings, traditions, work and money, stress, sadness, loneliness, eating, gaining weight, depression, just to name a few. Big bucket of crap!

Do I buy everyone presents? Do I have money to buy everyone presents? What to get them? Would they actually like/enjoy/wear it? Or would it get returned or thrown in a drawer or closet and forgotten? Should I say eff-it and not buy anyone but kids gifts? Wait, but what do I get the kids? What size do they wear? What toys would they like? Wonder which video games they already have? Which ones do they need? What if they already have that toy? They’ll probably just play with it for 5 1/2 minutes and then break it or toss it on the floor and move on to another toy.

Then there is the gatherings on Christmas Eve (our tradition) and the shit you get from family who say that you never come to their gatherings. You’re always with your ‘other’ side of the family. Then you want both your immediate family and your in-laws to be under one roof and that doesn’t seem to work out either. I come from a HUGE family and it would be impossible for all of us to get together. We would have to rent a convention center, really we would.

Eff-it, I’ll just stay home. Dammit. Guilt. The kids should be with their cousins. They’re missing out on the traditions. Then we don’t know where we’ll be next year and if we’ll all be able to spend it together.

My brains all over the place. I still have 1/2 my x-mas shopping to do and tomorrow begins the 9 days of Posadas. Which I know I’ll get some crap for if I don’t attend them all. (Which I don’t plan to do, so BRING. IT. ON.) They begin at 6 pm and my kids take forever to do homework, then baths and I have the 3 little ones and my husband doesn’t usually get home until after 6:30 at least. I’m not about to stress out over the safety of my children since the posadas include walking down and crossing streets. We’ll see how many of them I make it to.

Side Note: I am in the Postpartum Hair loss phase and I am losing so much freakin hair. Jeez! EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! I have hairballs all over my house, rolling across the room like a damn tumbleweed. There is hair everywhere, on the floor, in the sink, in the shower, on my clothes, heck on the baby too. Very annoying and I cannot wait for this phase to be over.

Crap,. I gotta go move the damn Elf!