I wrote this a couple weeks ago but didn’t publish. Well here it is now, late but better than never! 

I have just hit my 6 weeks postpartum after having baby #5. It’s completely crazy how fast time flies. Completely crazy. Each pregnancy has been similar but with some differences and each postpartum period again has been similar but with some differences. I do have to say that it has been easier to recover this time around vs. baby #4. I guess cause the labor was so hard on my body last time it took me longer to recover. ( Ring of Fire )

However, postpartum is not a breeze so let’s not ignore it like it’s not happening. Your trying to rest but if you decided to breastfeed as I have, prepare yourself to have a tiny human sucking on your nipples pretty much every 2 hours. My nipples went from being mosquito bites to the size of bottle nipples. NO JOKE! In that process I’ve had cracked bleeding nipples that are sensitive to water and air. With each baby however they have become pretty tough. This time around they were sensitive for a couple days but no longer. You could probably flick them and I wouldn’t even feel it. (No, not really.) It’s all worth it though. (Repeat again, ‘It’s all worth it.’) Just like anything else regarding your children. Anthony Anderson said it pretty well in that movie with JLo, the one where she does IVF because she wants kids but met a guy the same day, etc. He said something about how each and every day was one shit storm after another, bad thing after horrible thing and then there is that one moment where it makes it all worth it. Yea, that’s pretty true in my case.

Then you throw in the bleeding, vagina swelling, hemorrhoids, back and hip pain, headaches and just overall body soreness. Wow, why do we repeat this by having additional children. Why am I contemplating having a 6th?!? Our bodies and especially our vagina’s really take a pounding.

I tend to take my recovery very seriously, 40 days, 6 weeks of not really leaving the house unless I have to. Trying to relax as much as possible, nap, eat healthy and drink lots of water. This time around it was much harder considering my hubby wasn’t able to take a paternity leave like he had the last 2 times. That really makes a difference. My mother in law helped me with the 3 year old and 2 year old while my husband worked for the first 2 weeks and let me tell you it was nice. However it was short lived. Beginning on the 3rd week it was newborn, 3 yr old and 2 yr old all day long. UGH. I suffered so many headaches for 2 weeks, almost like migraines. It was not fun. Not to mention I had to take care of the 2 kids who were constantly yelling, fighting, needing to eat, get potty trained, have diapers changed, making messes all over the house and just needing love, attention and someone to play with. It continues to be work but who said it was easy to raise children? NO ONE!

I’m hoping that if in fact with have baby #6, my husband will be there to help. It’s the least he could do after what I will go through. Well maybe I should think long and hard if I really want another and to go through this all over AGAIN!