Just look at that delicious and finger licking good fried chicken! (Filters? What filters?)

I made that fried chicken I was writing about yesterday and let me tell you it was good. My husband was impressed and I quote, “You knocked it out of the fucking park with this!” Wow. Made me feel good. Made me feel appreciated and that the 1 1/2 hours it took me to make todays dinner was well worth it. My kids also stated it was good with big smiles on their faces.

(oh crap, gotta go move Bella the Elf. Glad I remembered as I’m typing this blog at 11:34 pm. BRB.)

Ok I’m back. We’ll talk about Bella our spying elf another day. 😉

I also made a country gravy which turned out pretty good. I feel like maybe it tasted a little too flour-y even though I fried it in some butter and chicken grease/fat. Maybe not long enough??  I’m gonna have to figure that out because I want to make some country fried steak and we need that gravy! mmm. My hubby liked it, he was eating it by itself even though I was telling him not to.

I looked through several Pinterest recipes but ultimately just kinda went with my own version in a way. I used salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, powdered chili, and dried parsley in the flour. I gotta try some other spices or herbs next time. The skin had flavor but it wouldn’t hurt to add more! I also noted how to fry the chicken. Some of my pieces were a little to fried. I then remembered I owned a meat thermometer and started using it. Ugh! Hate when I forget what I have and then find it or remember once I’m done and don’t need it any longer. 

Unfiltered picture, real stuff!! See that over fried piece?? That’s pre meat thermometer. Luckily wasn’t burnt to where it affected the taste! Even if it had we still eat it, no wasting!

It’s crazy how it works; 1) I stress over WHAT to make for dinner, 2) I stress over HOW to make it, 3) I stress over how it’s going to TASTE. In the end it always ends up being pretty good, however there has been times it’s just barely edible but those times have been few and far between. Guess I just have to roll with it and enjoy it, not take it too seriously. Today I just went with what I thought would take good and estimated the amounts of what I used and it worked great! Gotta do that more often.

To top it off today, I even baked a New York style Cheesecake. However that will have to wait until tomorrow as it’s cooling in the fridge. Sara kept asking when it would be ready she seemed so antsy to try it however, I’m pretty sure she’s never wanted to eat cheesecake before. Actually, I’m pretty sure she didn’t like it when she tasted it. We’ll see tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, or another day. Who knows what my week will be like with 3 crazy, hyper, entertaining, and frustrating children of mine and what they will do. (Well, Emma & Issac at least since Jacob is too young to know anything other than he hates a wet and poopy butt and that he’s hungry.)

Good Nite!