I’m laying here in bed, looking at Pinterest like usual while 2 youngest kiddos are asleep & 3 oldest are still playing games on the Apple TV and devouring the Cinnamon Toast Crunch I bought them. They couldn’t believe I brought home a sugary cereal that I’ve never bought them before. Mom got major points today!

I am cooking way more these days since I’m home on maternity leave and trying 1) Not to eat out and 2) trying not to spend too much money. I actually enjoy cooking but when I’m working full time and coming home to kids with homework, showers and a mess that’s the last thing I have time for or want to do. So for now, I’ll do as much of it as I possibly can.

Today as I walked through the isles of the market I thought, ‘Why am I going to leave and purchase food, hamburgers??, for the family when I’m in a market that sells everything I need to make dinner?!?’ I ended up coming home and making Hamburgers for dinner and let me tell you, they were absolutely delicious! Sara even helped season the meat and prepare the burgers. She was so proud! Louis was so thankful, he devoured 3! (Granted they were small, and he’s a big guy at 6 foot 4 inches. JAJAJA) Major plus, the meat was on sale! WIN!

Now the plan for tomorrow…Fried Chicken, that’s what’s on the menu! Looking up recipes and deciding for myself which one or which ones to compile together to try tomorrow. Looks like the key is a variety of seasonings added to the flour coated on the chicken before frying. I’m sure it won’t be difficult considering I made fried chicken once before, a long time ago B.C. (Before Children) I remember it coming out ok, could have used more flavor in the skin. HENCE the several seasonings these new Pinterest recipes are listing. I’m going to have to let you know how it turns out and recipe I use. (Hmm, anyone??? Are you out there?)

***On a side note…Guess who pooped in the toilet after not having done so in 3 weeks?!?….Dum Dum Dum…ISSAC!! Woohoo! Party in my house. He got a lollipop and major praise. (Praise for shitting in a toilet…great!) hahaha Fingers crossed he keeps going. (In the toilet!)

Until tomorrow!