At least I have my Journal to keep me entertain while he has YouTube kids.

Potty Training…ugh nearly the death of me. My living room smells like urine! 2 of my couch cushions were penetrated with urine and now I cannot get the smell out. I had to take out the are rug under and wash it with a pressure washer outside. It still has a stench. UGH!

I came across a sale on a Hoover carpet cleaner on Amazon and bought it. Tomorrow I hope to clean the area rug as well as the cushions. I’m hoping that it will remove the stench. Please oh please work!!

2 weeks of hell occur in the last few weeks while my laptop got fixed. (Woohoo! An amazing thing to have a full screen!) Issac was pissing and pooping in his underwear several times a day, EVERYDAY! I was so stressed out I didn’t know whether to bust out crying or to yell and break something.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, he pissed on the couch which I then put him in time out in the bathroom while I cleaned said couch and he pooped in his underwear. 14 minutes is all it took for me to be almost loose it. I was feeling desperate and felt like I had no other choice but put him back in the cloth diapers. If I was going to clean up shit, let it be in a contained environment.

He was all to comfortable going back in a diaper and would ask for the disposables or the pull-ups but I would tell him no, he needed to use the cloth. This lasted a whole 2 days when he then kept asking for his underwear. He allΒ of a sudden didn’t want to be in diapers and I thought, ‘This is it, he’s ready!!”

Nope, he still continued on to have a few accidents. Then enter my brother in law. Not only did he traumatize him with threats, (If you knew my brother in law you would understand) but he pointed out something to me that I hadn’t realized. I wasn’t paying as much attention to him as the baby or Emma. He wasn’t getting the attention from me so therefore he was seeking bad attention cause we all know, attention is attention whether good or bad. UGH, hate when he’s right.

So the last week I’ve been doing what he wants, paying lots of extra attention to him. He hasn’t had an accident so far. However, he held his poop for 3 days and then (thank goodness) he pooped in his overnight diaper on the 4th morning. So we seem to be starting at square one when it comes to poop but as long as it doesn’t happen anywhere other than the toilet or inside a diaper, I’m good. We’re finishing up the week and I am desperately keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t have an accident.

…Stay tuned.