One of the most challenging areas as a parent to toddlers, the dreaded…Potty Training. I haven’t had the quick learning experience with my boys. Matthew took 8 months to potty train, he was 3 & 10 months. Issac seems to be following in his big bro’s foot steps. We began our journey in June (officially) and I can say he’s gone 1 week, 7 days with no accidents. He is 3 & 9 months. Let me tell you, there’s been so much piss and poop in places other than the toilet, or diaper for that matter. His poop smells sooooo freakin bad, I’ve vomited while cleaning him. There’s also been a few undies that have gone in the trash because frankly, I’m not cleaning them. I’m pretty sure my cloth diapering days are behind me. Dispoisbles  are not the devil.

Notice the look of Joy in his face?!? The potty trainer in question. Mr. Issac

According to my mother in law my husband was well passed 4 when he learned to pee & poop in a toilet so I guess they get it from him. Figures. It’s not the only thing they get from him either, ugh.

The girls… Sara was pretty easy, she potty trained 2 months after Matt did. She was 2 and 4 months old. I’m sure it helped that she witnessed me potty training Matt and she was learning at the same time. I’m also sure that the M&M’s I promised her were also a great motivation considering she LOVES chocolate. Bribing…Yes I did it. I bribed Matthew with Dorito’s first and then chocolates/candies and then Transformer toys. (Transformer’s 1 & 2 were all the rage during this time.) I also did a Potty Training chart with stickers and I would have a major dance party/celebration when he was successful. They would only get those snacks/candy or toys when they earned them, no other time. Unfortunately it didn’t all work right away, it literally took until he decided he was ready. Issac has been the same way.

I guess what I’ve learned is that you can’t force something to happen when You want. Yea, maybe sometimes it will work, like in Sara’s case, but not always. Let’s hope Emma is easy. I need another easy one cause I got a 3rd boy to potty train in my future. Aye ya ya.

Currently Emma seems to be turned off by potty training and does not want to try. I don’t want to traumatize her so I haven’t forced her. Last night we bought her some Paw Patrol and some Minnie/Daisy undies hoping she’ll be intrigued. I plan to start trying on Monday. FINGERS CROSSED!

To anyone else going through Potty Training currently or soon, know that I am with you! 2 fingers in the air, just like in the Hunger Games because believe it or not, it could feel like that is exactly where you are. Fighting for your life, till the death. The death of the use of diapers.

(Begin whistle tune, Mockingjay)

May the odds be ever in your favor!