Tonight we went to Target once the hubby came home. The plan was to purchase costumes for Matt and Sara. This was the first time that we all left the house and went somewhere together. All 7 of us, yikes.

Let’s just say I’ll probably really think hard before going anywhere by myself with all 7 kids for a while. I think once Jacob is a little older it will be easier but not any time soon. These children act like they never leave the house. Holy shit, they are running up and down the isles, grabbing things and yelling with excitement. Jeez Issac, it’s just gold fish crackers! LOL Emma seeing all the snacks, toys, cups with Paw Patrol characters she would get excited as well, too excited.

Sara and Matt aren’t any better, they are just as loud and continuously wondering around. They do however have moments where they focus and actually help control the littles. Aye.

Jacob of course starts to have a melt down so then we begin to rush, rush through isles as I’m trying to quickly look and think, ‘what do I need, what do I need?’ Of course, I forgot a few things, ugh. Then as we’re checking out, the kids are going crazy excited over the stupid mini toys and candies in the check out lane. Ugh, bastards who thought parents would appreciate these items being there when they have small kids. Yes I am the bad mean mom who says NO and does not buy her children candy! Tough Shit! The cashier asked, “How many kids do you have? Is it Five??” “Yes, FIVE!” “Oh, wow,” he says with a face that said ‘holy crap that’s a lot of kids!’ Hmm, whatever!

Yea, defiantly thinking real hard if I am going to take the kids, all the kids, anywhere by myself anytime soon.