I woke up this morning, literally in tears. I was not only having a dream, I was having a complete and total terrifying nightmare!Β I haven’t even been able to tell my husband about it because it felt so real. Speaking it would just make it worse I feel. I start to say something and I just tear up again.

Have you ever experienced such a thing? I’ve heard others mention the ‘peeing in my dream.’ I was just speaking with someone about that and they stated that they actually peed themselves a little. I know I’ve certainly been close. Guess that’s what 5 pregnancies will do to you. Cough…pee a little…Sneezing…pee a little. Laugh uncontrollably…pee a little. So dream about peeing…sure why not lets pee a little.

So, during this pregnancy I did experience some very vivid dreams during my first trimester but then that stopped. But those were all, gooood dreams. This one however makes me cry when I begin to think about it.

I’m not going to type it out, putting it out there on the internet to be there forever and everΒ just makes me so sad, to feel so horrible. I hope that I never again experience such a nightmare.