It is proving to be a little hard to find time to blog. I’m at work all day and then come home to 4 kiddos, dinner/chores and a 33 week sized belly. I’m tired so the last thing I want to do is blog. Here I am though, 10:10 pm, just put the kids to sleep and decided now is the time. I guess that’s when I need to get used to having the time. After everyone else is alseep. 

Let me tell you a story….Today started off as a shitty morning. I waiting for service to show up, expecting they would fix my non functional refridgerator. One that has been broken since July 23rd because it needs a new compressor. The same one which 2 pervious contracted companies have come out to ‘fix’ and instead inform me they are not an authorized repair company for this brand refridgerator. 

Well today after I had been waiting an hour for someone to show up, I decided to call and get a more accurate time of arrival. Since I had to call in late to work I wanted to know how late I would be. Or how long they were going to have my ass waiting for them to show. They said, ‘Sorry but we have no service call scheduled for you.’ Oh, Fack NO!! Here we go…

So I called the service company, let’s just call them ‘Schmoez,’ which is where I purchased the refridgerator from to complain. Apparently they were aware, conrtacted provider had informed ‘Schmoez’ they were in fact also not authorized to repair and cancels the service call. Apparently ‘Schmoez’ tried or has been trying to located ANOTHER company to do the repair and have yet to find someone. 

You would think they would then contact me, THE CLIENT?! nope. So the call agent stated it was being escalated up to a manager and someone would contact me in the next 48 hours. 48 hours!? Yes! 48 hours. 

I feel like punching someone in the balls. 

Luckily I complained a week ago after the 2nd contractor came out and they did contact the local store to provide a loaner refridgerator. This is however all bullshit and their service company sucks. They SUCK!! I’ve never experienced such horrible customer service. 

I should mention I purchased the refridgerator in Sept. 2014 along with a 2nd refridgerator for my mom (Happy Birthday Mom) on the same day. My moms began giving problems 6 weeks after we bought it. It continued to give problems for the following 6 months. So I can say ‘Schmoez’ customer service is non-exsistant. THEY SUCK ASS!!

Well, maybe my fridge will get fixed before December 31, 2016?!? I’m not going to hold my breath. Santa isn’t real.