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My personal trash shoot.

Road Trip to Arizona Part 1 – California to Las Vegas, Nv.

I've been meaning to write this piece for almost 2 months now and just never make the time to do so. Our trip to Arizona has came and went and I wanted to share the fun that we had on... Continue Reading →


Our Weekend at the Creek

We recently got a membership at an RV resort in the mountains about an hour away from where we live and we spent our first weekend in a cabin for free as a 'Thank you' and we had lots of... Continue Reading →

Decluttering – Major Work

Since I can remember, well at least for the last 5 or so years, I have been wanting to clean out things that we don't need. To get rid of things we don't use. I don't mean those clothes that... Continue Reading →

Familia & Funerals

Leave it to family to always criticize you. Why is that? Why do we feel the right to judge our own family? We gather for a special celebration/event/holiday and we just put each other down. Is this normal in all... Continue Reading →

Everyday, something new

So recently my husband told me that there was rumors going around his work that the company may relocate to Nevada, near Las Vegas. huh. Apparently they feel that the rent in Orange County is overpriced and there is no... Continue Reading →

What did I just do?

Holy Heck, did I just quit my full-time job without having another lined up?!? Yes I did. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. I don't think that I made a mistake at all. I felt trapped in that job. Tied down to it,... Continue Reading →


Wow, every day this week I have been trying to declutter our living space. It is hard work, I get all hot and sweaty constantly bending and lifting and moving things. Ugh. I've defiantly been in the mode to clean... Continue Reading →


Woohoo! I just booked a quick getaway to Flagstaff, Az. Yea, who gets me? I complain about being tight budget and here I go spending money on a VACATION?!? Well, it actually is a house on AirBnB and I'm splitting... Continue Reading →

Dreams & Goals

I look around my room and I think, this is it?!? Is this really where I'm ending up? I'm 34 years old and I should have accomplished more by now. My mothers words from the other day continue to haunt... Continue Reading →

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